Provincial and Demonstration schools are regional centres that provide intensive programming for students who are Deaf, blind/low vision, deafblind or have severe learning disabilities.  These schools include a residential component (required for the LD demonstration schools, and provided for students living in excess of 70 minutes/115 km from the school).

Provincial Schools for the Deaf:

Ernest C. Drury (Milton; ASL/English)
Robarts (London; ASL/English)
Sir James Whitney (Belleville; ASL/English)
Centre Jules-Léger (Ottawa; LSQ/French)

The Provincial Schools for the Deaf allow students to study in an ASL environment, alongside other Deaf students.  Oral programming is also provided, if dictated by the student’s IEP.  ASL/LSQ-using students may often be limited in peer interactions at local schools, and the Provincial schools allow them to learn more about Deaf identity and culture.

Provincial School for the Blind:

W. Ross Macdonald Provincial School for the blind, visually impaired, and deafblind (Brantford)

This Provincial School offers students who are blind and visually impaired to study in an adaptive environment, incorporating skills such as braille and orientation & mobility into their school days.  Class sizes are small, maxing out at 8 in the elementary and 10 in the secondary program.  Teachers all have their specialist qualifications in blind/low vision (or deafblind education).  In the deafblind program, class sizes are capped at 3, and a total communication approach is used to build communication skills.

Demonstration Schools for students with severe learning disabilities:

Sagonaska Demonstration School (Belleville)
Amethyst Demonstration School (London)
Trillium Demonstration School (Milton)
Centre Jules-Léger (Ottawa; French programming)

The Demonstration Schools offer a one-year intensive residential program for students with severe learning disabilities.  Class sizes are small (generally 5-8), and residence programming includes supervised homework support, as well as social skill-building activities.  Sometimes, a student may attend a Demonstration School for a second year.