ONTABA Evidence-Based Practices for ASD Report

ONTABA (the Ontario Association for Behaviour Analysis) recently released its caregiver brief of its report on Evidence-Based Practices for Individuals with Autism Spectrum disorder.  

The caregiver brief report is 22 pages, and includes the most pertinent findings for caregivers, mostly displayed in chart form.  It includes a couple of case examples, and defines a lot of the terms you may hear in your child’s ABA plan.  This is a great starting point to check if specific recommended interventions are evidence-based, as well as the targeted skills and domains interventions are most effective for.  The charts also break down proven effectiveness by age group, since best practice can vary for different age levels.

The full report is 135 pages long, and includes recommendations for caregivers, practitioners, and policy makers.  It includes background information into how pertinent research was evaluated.  A lot of the recommendations focus on the professionalisation of ABA, as this organisation is invested in the regulation of this field in Ontario.  A great resource is the appendixes: they provide extensive glossaries of terms, including various therapeutic approaches, and a description of each target domain.

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