Jackets for Wheelchair Users

Getting outdoors in the winter can be a struggle for anyone, but one of the challenges wheelchair users may face is finding a winter jacket that is easy to get on and off, which doesn’t bunch up or strain against adaptive supports and straps.

One of the young women I work with recently purchased a jacket from Koolway Sports, which is a Canadian company that custom-makes jackets and other outdoor apparel specifically for individuals that use wheelchairs.  The jackets have some great features, including optional holes for chest straps and g-tubes, side-zip sleeves, and a back cut-out to prevent overheating.  The jackets are so easy to put on compared to standard winter jackets, especially for an individual with high spasticity.

This is the Koolway Koat with the leg cover attached.

They also sell KoolKozy legs, which provide total lower-body warmth and protection without the transfers required to put snowpants on and off.  

The Koolway Sports website includes suggestions for funding for the purchases as well.  They also sell items such as swim briefs, custom-sized toques, and accessibility-designed mitts and boots.  

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