The Incontinence Supplies Grant Program is funded by the Ministry of Health, and administered by Easter Seals.  

Who is eligible?
The program is for children ages 3-18, who have chronic disabilities resulting in incontinence or retention problems.   This must require the use of incontinence supplies for at least 6 months.  The child must have a valid Ontario Health Care.

Some children under the age of 3 years may be eligible for assistance if they have a medical condition which results in the use of specialized diapers (e.g. Prune Belly), catheters (e.g. Spina Bifida) or a significantly larger than normal quantity of diapers (e.g. child with a vesicostomy).

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What will I receive? 
There are 3 levels of grants.

Grant Level A ($400/yr): (3-18 years)
-Diapers/Pull ups/Attends/Liners/Swimmers
-Intermittent/Foley catheters
-Reusable cloth diapers/liners

Grant Level B ($900/yr): (6-18 years)
-Diapers/Pull ups/Attends/Liners/Swimmers
-Foley catheters/Condom catheters/Drainage Bags

Neither grant level covers the cost of gloves, wipes, creams, bed sheets, clothing (underwear), laundry detergent or pads for menstrual periods.

Please Note:  Children/youth requiring assistance with bowel management may be eligible for a
Level C grant ($200/yr). (3-18 years)
Glycerin Suppositories/Liquid
The grant DOES NOT cover enemas, prescriptions, medications (PEG, stool softeners, laxatives, etc).

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How do I apply? 
To apply, have your family doctor or nurse practitioner complete this application form.  Once you child reaches the age of 6, you can apply for the increased Level B grant using this application form.  You must include 4 months of receipts with the Level B application to justify the increased funding level.  All receipts for funded incontinence supplies must be saved, and will be reviewed by Easter Seals at regular intervals.