Direct Funding is a program that allows individuals with physical disabilities to employ and manage their own attendants, within an individualized funding budget.  Attendants are employed to assist with activities of daily living.

Who is eligible? 
According to the Direct Funding Ontario website, you can apply for funding through this model if:

-you are age 16 or over and a resident of Ontario
-you require attendant services due to a permanent physical disability
-you are able to complete the written application on your own initiative and in your own words (you may receive physical assistance to complete the form; however, submissions may not be made by professionals, family members or others on your behalf)
-you are able to meet with a Selection Panel to discuss your needs and determine your eligibility for the program
-you are able to schedule attendants;
-you are able to hire (and fire, if necessary), train and supervise one or more attendant workers
-you are able to meet all the legal requirements associated with being an employer (these will be clearly explained during the interview process)
-you are capable of managing and accounting for your funding, according to DF program guidelines

For further information on eligibility, see this self-assessment.

How much funding is available? 
According to the Direct Funding Ontario website, individuals are funded to a maximum of 7 hours per day of attendant care (212 hours/month).

How do I apply?
A copy of the direct funding application can be found here.
The guide to completing the application is here.
For support in completing this application, contact the Independent Living Centre in your area.